Ristorante Numero Unico a Siena in centro | Sangiovese: the undisputed king of our cellar!
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Sangiovese: the undisputed king of our cellar!

Sangiovese: the undisputed king of our cellar!

The lands of Siena and Tuscany are a unique place where the Sangiovese vine has been cultivated for centuries and where among the best wines in the world are produced:

“in a glass of that ruby ​​red, tending to garnet if aged, from the bouquet of spices and small berries and with a structured, harmonious, elegant, sapid and slightly tannic flavor that then becomes velvety, you find all the pride of this land”

The Ristorante Numero Unico’s wine cellar offers a selection of wines produced with Sangiovese’s grapes in Tuscany and in the Province of Siena, a journey through the neat and elegant rows of the refined Brunello di Montalcino, the Nobile di Montepulciano, the extraordinary scenery of the Chianti Classico vineyards almost to anticipate the product it offers, located between the castles and the villages between Siena and Florence. Excellent the selection of IGT Toscana or SuperTuscan wines that represent the visions and mastery of great winemakers, so the Sangiovese is in purity or combined with international varieties such as merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot and syrah, aged in French oak barrels, giving the winelovers of the third millennium a harmonious bouquet of perfumes and flavors that touch the heart!

We look froward to welcome you and “uncork” a bottle for you!

You can also taste our wines by the glass along with delicious dishes prepared by our chefs!

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