Ristorante Numero Unico a Siena in centro | Special Easter in Siena
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Special Easter in Siena

Easter in Italian is “Pasqua”…if you are visiting Siena during Easter time we invite you for an unforgettable experience @ Ristorante Numero Unico with original and simple dishes that combine top quality ingredients of one of the most extraordinary world’s destinations, enhancing its smells, scents and colours in a mix of flavours that will surely leave you craving to come back again! On Easter Sunday you can choose from our menu à la carte and enjoy the city in our outdoor terraces or in our main dining room with the exposition of Numero Unico’s of the 17 Contradas of the Palio or taste our chefs special of the day:

Stew baked milk-lamb with aromatic herbs and served with roasted potatoes

Make your reservation today! Call us on +39 0577287909